399 Testimonials

Steve Harvanek Wed, Dec 05 2018

Your knowledge of my ECU issue was spot on. Communication before and during repair was great. Service was very fast and I have had no further issues. Only odd part of the whole transaction was odd was the quote / invoice / payment portion The price was fare and reasonable. Why don't you send a quote with the price and get an e-signature instead of telling the customers to lookup the prices? Odd.. Please keep up the good work and I have already referred a Porsche tech to you.

Brady Orlando Sun, Dec 02 2018

The pricing estimates seemed a little off but it may have been a discount in my favor. I was given free shipping as well. Everything works great now and happy with the service that was performed.

James Sutton Fri, Nov 30 2018

Your product was installed today and works perfectly. Very pleased about that. The only negative for me is that you only offer UPS ground service. I would have preferred to pay a bit more and have had delivery in a more timely fashion. Otherwise, I am very pleased.

Charles Bosman Tue, Nov 27 2018

You were quick to respond to my needs and the emcee you rebuilt worked perfectly

Nuno Pereira Fri, Nov 16 2018

I live in australia, I call two independent porsche specislist and they can't get my car coded immobilizer to key and ecu again. I ring porsche and they ask for 7k to fix the car ! I contact and shipped my parts with DHL carrier ussing insurance up to 4k to ecu doctors from the other side of the world and they got my car back to life including stage 1 tune . All for 1600au dollars 2k usa

Espen Johansen Thu, Nov 15 2018

Hated not reaching you on the Phone . Found out you were 9 houres behind ... so My bad. Great service and IT was plugg and play AS promissed ! Thank you .

Ros Rosone Wed, Nov 14 2018

Only criticism would like to get order confirmation and shipping information sooner

Angel Sosa Mon, Nov 12 2018

The best part is that the DME is working well and that you guys back it up with a great warranty. As a repair facility, this is very important.

Joey Rizk Fri, Nov 09 2018

Well I hate the fact that when I got the ECU the car still did not run properly. I had to take it to Century BMW and have the same ECU re-flashed that I was told by you guys was fine to get the car running right. Obviously it wasn’t ok. I would ask for a refund but know that’s not going to happen. Be glad to show you the invoice where BMW did the re-lashing of the ECU. They only charged me $400 so that wasn’t to bad.

Douglas Haydon Tue, Nov 06 2018

So far so good, I have not received our parts yet though, asked for 2 day service.