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Matthew Megaro Mon, Aug 13 2018

For a weekend warrior, removing critical "brain" components of an imported sports car is a daunting task. It is also a real act of faith to assume that mailing these to some outfit in Florida is going to actually have a happy ending. Still, I was desperate - my car was stuck in my garage, 90 miles from a Porsche dealership. So, when I filled out the ECU online order forms, I listed out the risks of such a remote transaction, such as: 1) will they make up a bunch of "additional repairs necessary", 2) will they send back the units with provisos about possible instability of my parts, 3) will I be holding repaired parts and wondering if I will 'smoke' them when I hook up the battery...the list goes on. Anyway, I reinstalled the parts - truly "plug-and-play" and turned the key and Everything worked. I loved the car again and was glad to deny Porsche their typical pound-of-flesh for their proprietary programming knowledge and their haute-coture waiting room. What I loved. 1) simple online order process, 2) The video of how to install the waterproof immobilizer box, 3) a reassuring professional voice (Paulo) who walked me through the process before I committed, 4) immediate response when my unit was received by ECU and email status reports thereafter (communication is absolutely essential to maintaining confidence that ECU is a legitimate operation, 5) timely work. What I loved the best was speaking with Paulo once the repairs were done to ensure I knew how to handle the reinstall. I appreciate that he was not patronizing, did not resort to "tech-speak" to prove how much he knew that I did not, and that he expressed confidence that the system would work when he was done. You can computerize this transaction as much as you like, however, a real professional and responsive human like Paulo is essential to achieve customer confidence. It is good that he was easily reached by phone and email. I did not "hate" anything. However, I would have liked to see a video on how to find and remove the computer with guidance on how to safely handle it. I did read this somewhere, but a video is much more useful to the novice. Your video on how to install the immobilizer is a great example of this. Also, my hood and trunk were locked and in order to disconnect the battery and remove the computer, I had to find You Tube videos on how to access "hidden cables" to unlock these manually. It turns out that all I had to do was loosen the three bolts holding the release lever cover plate and this would have been a whole lot simpler. Perhaps a suggestion on how to do this on the Porsche would be a good addition to your online instructions. Even a suggestion that it could be done would have kept me from pursuing the much more difficult hidden cable solutions that entailed removing much of the rear bumper cover and wheel well. Thanks, Matt Megaro

Mark Cross Thu, Aug 09 2018

Love the communications, quick service

BOB KELLER Thu, Aug 09 2018

Everything was great.Good Turn around time.

Joel Cuesto Thu, Aug 09 2018

I love the customer service and the fast fix.

Mark Wilson Wed, Aug 08 2018

Everything was great- 10 out of 10. Maybe turn around time was longer than I wanted but what I expected. I do understand the work takes time. I will definitely use your services again.

Bob King Tue, Aug 07 2018

Great quick quick service and the car now works perfectly. Thanks

Peter Kendig Mon, Aug 06 2018

Be glad to respond but I haven’t received the unit back here yet...

David Jaskwhich Sun, Aug 05 2018

Good service. ECU was delivered quickly and worked well. Thanks - I have recommended Specialized ECU Repair to a friend.

Rosalynn Law Thu, Aug 02 2018

We love your services, so efficient =)

James Davis Wed, Aug 01 2018

There was some lack of communication on expectations on the front side of the process, but once I followed up things seem to move smoothly. I do not believe that it was clearly explained all of the things necessary for the process, but maybe that was either my mechanic or myself overlooking. The work after all of that was squared away was prompt.